Mr. & Mrs. Crouch | An Intimate Fall Wedding in Grenada, Mississippi

I am very happy to say congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Crouch!! Julie & Jeremy had a sweet & intimate wedding ceremony at All Saints Episcopal Church in Grenada, Mississippi. When Julie contacted me to photograph her wedding, I immediately became excited! Julie and I attended high school together, and I was truly honored that she wanted me to photograph her wedding!

Before the ceremony, Julie and Jeremy had an intimate first look. As I walked Jeremy outside to where the first look was going to be held, I remember him telling me that he was nervous. As a matter of fact, a few minutes before that, Julie also stated to me that she was nervous too! Because of this, I knew the first look would be spectacular.

As the first look began, both Jeremy and Julie had the biggest smiles on their faces. I could easily tell that they were absolutely in love. During the entire portrait time, they both kept smiling, giggling and laughing with each other. You can definitely tell in the photos that they are truly meant to be together!

I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to travel back to my hometown and capture their amazing love story! Check out some of my favorites from their wedding day below!

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