In-home Newborn Photography Sessions

Over the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of photographing many sweet newborns and babies. Newborn photography is so special because your little one will not be a newborn forever. Because of this, it is so important to have this particular moment in your child’s life documented. Because I have had so many questions about newborn photography, I decided to write this blog post to give more detailed information about my In-home Newborn Photography sessions.

1M4A1118Newborns are best photographed within the first 21 days of birth. During this time, babies tend to sleep a lot and this is absolutely perfect for newborn photos.

Details: The Newborn Photography Session is a 2-3 hour in-home, lifestyle session designed for your newborn. The newborn photography session includes beautiful, retouched images that are suitable for printing and displaying. Newborns will be photographed separately, and then can be photographed with parents and/or siblings in the nursery or another area within the home.

1M4A1156Baby Grant photographed at 2 days old.

Setup: A small, newborn setup (complete with lights & a small heater to keep your newborn warm) will be created in the comfort of your home (see image below). Even though I provide wraps, blankets, rugs, baskets, etc. for the newborn portrait session, I always encourage my clients to include their favorite props too! As soon as I arrive to your home, I will find an area that will be suitable for my newborn setup.

IMG_9254The space does not have to be big, but I do love natural window light when possible.

Safety: Newborns will ONLY be lightly posed in his/her natural state while lying on his/her tummy, back, or side. Difficult and strenuous posing will not be performed. The comfort and safety of the newborn is always my number one priority. I always make sure newborns are posed in a safe way. In the photo below, you will see how the mom gently held her finger on the newborn’s head while I photographed him. I removed the mom’s hand afterwards during the retouching and editing process.

1M4A8128Mom’s hand is placed gently on the baby’s head.

1M4A8128Mom’s hand is removed during editing and retouching.

Lifestyle Session: After photographing the newborn, I will also do a lifestyle session with the parents and/or siblings in the baby’s nursery or in another suitable area within the home.


1M4A83741M4A8390Lifestyle session in baby Tom’s nursery.

For more information about the newborn booking process, click here! To see more newborn sessions click here: Baby Grant, Baby Tom, Baby Isla, Baby Jack.

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