Jianwen & Cedric | A Downtown Jackson Maternity Session

My first session of 2019 did not disappoint! I was so excited when Ji contacted me for maternity photos. I love having the opportunity throughout the year to step outside of wedding photography to capture other important milestones in people’s lives.

Ji & Cedric are having a baby boy in March. Ji had the perfect location in mind for the first part of the maternity shoot. Since they are having a boy, and his name is going to be Jackson, she decided that a downtown Jackson, Mississippi, session would be perfect. And guess what? She actually picked a specific location that had the name of the city (Jackson) painted on a wall! When she shared this idea with me, I immediately got excited. I mean, how perfect is that?

Midway through the session, I asked Ji & Cedric if they would be willing to go to another location so that we could have some variety in the gallery of photos. I am so glad they agreed to it because we got some gorgeous images at the second location too! I honestly do not know which location is my favorite…leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite location!!

3 thoughts on “Jianwen & Cedric | A Downtown Jackson Maternity Session

  1. Mom and Dad looking down at the beautiful incubator that Jackson is living in! It’s like they are telling him that they have prayed for him and can wait to meet him face to face. Dad is letting him know, “I got you son”! Mom is holding her stomach telling Jackson that she has loved him from the beginning! It’s a beautiful moment with the three of them and you captured it perfectly!

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  2. The forehead kiss photo. It is so endearing, he’s saying “I love you honey”. Cedric’s hand is on Ji’s stomach saying, “ I love you son, I can’t wait to meet you”. All of them are great photos. That one is my favorite.

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