Tips For Planning A Successful Personal Branding Shoot

Investing in a Personal Branding Photography Session is one of the best things you can do for your business. Before your scheduled shoot, take some time to prepare for your session so that you can have the best experience. Below are some tips that I have that will help you to prepare for your Personal Branding Photography Session.

Figure Out Why You Are in Need of a Session

Prior to the session, you need to know why you are needing a session and what you will be using the branding photos for. Knowing these things will help you to get the most out of your branding photography session. Upon booking a session with me, I will send over a questionnaire that will help me to prepare you for an amazing personal branding photography experience.

Create a Must Have Photo List

Create a must have list that will consist of the photos that you know you will be needing for your business. Are you in need of an amazing headshot for your website’s about page? Add that specific photo to your list so that your photographer will know to capture an amazing image specifically for your about page. 

Pack Your Props

One of the questions I get asked by clients is what type of props should they bring to the branding session. Discuss with your photographer the proper props to bring to your session. Every prop that you bring should serve a purpose within your business & brand.

Incorporate your Brand Colors into Your Shoot

You do not have to be dressed in your brand colors from head to toe, but it is important to incorporate some of your brand colors into the session. This can be done with attire, accessories and even props. Incorporating your brand colors will allow your photos to match your overall brand and aesthetic.

Prepare to Look Fabulous

If needed, take the time to schedule appointments for makeup, hair and nails. Choose your outfits ahead of time and make sure everything fits perfectly. Make sure your attire matches your personal brand and the image you want to portray. 

Choose the Perfect Location

Choose a location that represents YOUR brand. Make sure your location is aligned with your business and brand. If you are a realtor, you would not choose a gym for your branding photography location. Instead, a new construction home or a location with a real-estate vibe would be a better fit. 

Trust Your Photographer

Research and find the best photographer to capture your Personal Branding photos. You need to be able to trust your photographer to help you make the best decisions regarding all of the aspects of your shoot (from props to location). The right photographer will have amazing ideas to help you capture the heart of your business!

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