Stepping Completely Out of My Comfort Zone


Sometimes we are forced to step out of our norm and try something different. I received a phone call from Jennifer, one of my future brides, and during the middle of our conversation, she literally told me what I had been thinking about that day. She said, “I feel like you stepped out of your comfort zone for these shots!” And guess what friends? I DID! I absolutely did.

The nighttime shots from Jennifer & Roy’s engagement session were NOT a part of the original game plan. I planned for them to have a lovely engagement session during golden hour, but things immediately went left ha (okay I’m being a little dramatic but still…)! Heavy thunderstorms caused me to immediately change my plans. Since we were already downtown, I switched to an indoor location at one of my favorite hotels.

After the rain, we preceded outside for a few portraits. As the sun was beginning to set, I told my couple, “Hey, I do not do a lot of nighttime portraits, but I want to try some things out.” My couples who book me know what my typical style of photography is. I am a huge lover of natural light, and I rarely use flash except for when shooting dim ceremonies and receptions (aka when I absolutely need to).

Nevertheless, I stepped out of my comfort zone, tried something new, attached my flash to my camera, and proceeded to take some nighttime portraits that I actually love! I told my bride that I believe everything happens for a reason. And guess what? That still proves to be true to this day. I am so happy I was forced to take a different approach for this engagement session. With that being said, I would like to challenge YOU to step out of YOUR comfort zone and try something new. You never know where it may land you!

To see more images from this engagement session, click here!

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