Rasheda & Daniel | A Perfect Downtown Engagement Session

Rasheda & Daniel had an absolutely amazing engagement session in Downtown Jackson last weekend. Everything about their session made me truly smile. During the engagement session, I literally had to ask Rasheda & Daniel if they had been practicing on poses before the session! That is just great they were in front of my camera! See for yourself because I cannot make this up! 

Rasheda & Daniel started the first part of their engagement session on Capitol Street in formal attire. I was in love with Rasheda’s beautiful black sequined dress and I also loved how Daniel’s black velvet tie added the perfect touch to his entire suit. I had the best time photographing Rasheda & Daniel as we made our way around Capitol Street. 

The second half of the session was taken at the Mississippi Museum of Art. I loved how Rasheda’s & Daniel’s attire matched the black & white mural at the museum. Can you say perfectly planned out session? I cannot get enough of how awesome this engagement session turned out to be! I look forward to capturing this sweet couple’s wedding in April!

2 thoughts on “Rasheda & Daniel | A Perfect Downtown Engagement Session

  1. Very lovely pictures. I pray that your love will last forever and ever. Love and always respect each other when it comes to your marriage keep it off limits to everybody. So, go on enjoy life, love, and laughter. CONGRATULATIONS!

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