For Brides: Tips for Creating a Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

As a future bride, you have put so much time and effort into planning such a special day. Think about all the details that will surround your wedding day – the beautiful decor, the breathtaking details, the yummy cake. Allowing your photographer to have the right amount of time to photograph all the important details will allow you the opportunity to relive your wedding story over and over through the beautiful photos that are documented! 

My Wedding Timelines are designed to allow me to have adequate time to document all the important parts of my couple’s wedding day. It is so important to me that I capture all the lovely details and special moments because they play such a big part in telling the overall story of my couple’s big day. When designing a Wedding Day Timeline, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Below are some of my tips for creating the Perfect Wedding Day Timeline, and you can also download a FREE copy of my Wedding Day Timeline Guide below!

Allow enough time for all the pretty details you have worked so hard to include on your wedding day to be photographed. Details such as the dress, shoes, rings, invitations, and decor all play an important part in your wedding. You have spent a great deal of time and money making sure that the details are exactly how you have envisioned them to be. It is important to allow time for these things to be photographed so you will have a visual reminder of them after the wedding is over. I have even had wedding guests to be so surprised at the details that I have posted that they did not see at the wedding! 

Allow extra time for getting ready on your the big day. Plan for hair and makeup to take a little longer than expected. 75% of the weddings I have photographed, the hair and makeup lasted longer than what the bride had originally planned and anticipated for. This caused major delays on the wedding day that resulted in weddings starting 30 minutes to an hour late, which caused a major lost of time for gorgeous bride & groom portraits. 

Speaking of bride & groom portraits, do allow an adequate amount of time for bride & groom portraits! These are the photos that you WILL want professionally printed and displayed in your home. The more time you allow for this part of the day, the more photos you will have to cherish years from now! 

Are you ready to plan YOUR perfect Wedding Day Timeline from start to finish? Well, I have something for you! Download a FREE copy of my Wedding Day Timeline Guide today! 

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