For Brides: My Top Tips for Completing Family Formal Portraits in 30 Minutes or Less!

There is nothing worst than spending hours taking tons of photos, wasting time searching for family members during portrait time, or not knowing exactly who is supposed to be included in pictures during Formal Portrait time. Save time with my proven tips for getting family formal portraits competed in 30 minutes or less!

  1. Plan & Prepare for family portraits by having a list of family combinations to be taken on the wedding day. This list should include all people who will be involved in family pictures. Make sure to have the names of the people written so that it will be easier for the photographer/planner to call out. For example – 1. Bride with Mom (Dorothy) & Dad (Grant)
  2. Indicate any persons who may be in a wheel chair or cannot walk far. This allows for everyone to be properly accommodated for during photos. 
  3. Select someone from the bride and groom’s family to help gather people during portrait time.
  4. Contact family members before the wedding and let them know they will be taking portraits. Remind them to stick around after the ceremony for portraits. 
  5. Have a designated area for guest who are not taking pictures to go to (cocktail area, reception area). It is so much easier to photograph portraits when there are not crowds of people surrounding the photographer. 
  6. Finally, give your family portrait list to your photographer and planner a few weeks before the wedding.

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