For Brides: Bridal Details | What to Bring on the Wedding Day

With all the planning and prepping for the wedding day, it is quite easy to forget what to bring or what you really need. Below are some items that I ask my brides to bring with them on the wedding day. These details are also used for those beautiful bridal prep photos that are taken at the very beginning of the wedding day.

Dress & Hanger | Of course you will remember to bring your dress but it is a great idea to have a nice hanger to hang your wedding dress on for photography purposes. The original wire hangers from the dress shop will not do your gorgeous gown any justice. If you do not want to invest in a custom hanger, simply bring a wooden hanger from home! Those work perfectly!

Shoes | Rather you are wearing a fabulous pair of heels or cute little jeweled flats, do not forget to bring your shoes.

Veil and/or Hair Pieces | Your veil and hair pieces work together for detail shots on the wedding day.

Rings | Have all 3 rings with you because they will be photographed during bridal prep time.

Jewelry | Remember to bring your earrings, necklace, bracelet, and any other pieces of jewelry that holds a significant meaning in your life. I love when brides bring jewelry from their grandmother and/great grandmother to wear on the wedding day.

Invitation Suite | The invitation suite looks beautiful when photographed with all your lovely details such as the rings and jewelry.  

Garter | The garters are so easy to forget on the wedding day. Make sure you have the one you are keeping AND the one your groom will give away.

Perfume | Your favorite scent that you will wear on your wedding day is another special detail that you will need to remember to bring.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres | Have the bouquets and boutonnieres ready during bridal prep time. You will definitely want and need these for photos.

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