For Brides: The Purpose of an Engagement Session

Besides having lovely photos of you and your fiancé to display, there are so many other benefits to WHY you should have an engagement session. Today’s post is all about why an engagement session is worth the time & investment before your big day!

My main reason for encouraging couples to have an engagement session is so that they will be completely comfortable with me on the Wedding Day. I have had to opportunity to shoot so many wonderful couples on the wedding day, and it goes to say that the ones who had an engagement session were more comfortable and relaxed during bride & groom portraits on the wedding day. My couples who had an engagement session were already comfortable with my posing styles & techniques and knew exactly what to expect. 

My engagement sessions are specifically designed to find out what poses my clients love and what poses look great on them! This is done so that I will know exactly what to do on the wedding day. The wedding day can go by so fast and sometimes there is not enough time to experiment with poses and trying to figure out what looks good and what does not. It really helps to already know.

The photo on the very top is an example of my “dip” pose that I do during the engagement session with my couples. As you can see, I did the exact same pose with my couple on their wedding day. As soon as I said, “lets do the dip pose,” Whitney & JP knew exactly what to do without me having to take time to demonstrate like I did during their engagement session. On their wedding day, they literally did this pose perfectly, and I was able to get this perfect shot on the first try without wasting any time!

I hope this post encourages you to go ahead and invest in an engagement session with your favorite photographer! You will not regret it!

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