For Brides: A Grand Reception Entrance

This fall, I had a bride to have a Reception Entrance instead of the traditional Wedding Exit. I loved this idea because it allowed all of the wedding guest to participate. Because some guest may leave before it is time for the actual wedding exit, this would be another great option (besides the the “faux” wedding exit) if you want complete guest participation. 

With a “faux” wedding exit, guest will line up outside before the reception actually ends. Some may feel this is an inconvenience and would rather have a real wedding exit at the very end. If you have less coverage time, or would rather skip the idea of having a “faux” exit, having a Grand Reception Entrance would be the perfect choice!

Before the reception events began, I had all the guest to line up outside. As the bride & groom walked through the cheering crowd, the guest also blew bubbles. Just like I would instruct for the wedding exit, I also had the bride and groom to stop for a kiss when they reached the middle of the crowd. Afterwards, the bride & groom were ready to begin their reception events!

I hope this inspires you to have a Grand Reception Entrance!

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