For Brides: Perfecting the Wedding (Faux) Exit

I absolutely love a wedding exit! The bride and groom are surrounded by all their family and friends, and everyone is so excited to see the newlyweds off! I have had so many questions about achieving the picture perfect wedding exit, so I decided to take this information to the blog.

Wedding exits are sometimes done at the very end of the reception, but I have had so many brides to partake in a “faux” exit. A faux exit is a wedding exit that is done before the actual reception ends. I love a “faux” exit because it allows all of your guest the opportunity to participate. Sometimes guest will have to leave the reception before it actually ends and a “faux” exit allows everyone the chance to participate in wishing and seeing the bride & groom off. This is also a great option when you have a limited amount of photography hours and you still want this special moment documented.

Rather you are doing a real wedding exit or a “faux” exit, today I will share with you a few of my tips and techniques to help you achieve the picture perfect wedding exit.

  1. Sparklers are great for a night time exit. The ambiance that the lights create from the sparklers is breathtaking in photos. Not having a night time wedding exit? Biodegradable confetti, bubbles, and flowers are all great options for daytime exits. Wedding exits can also be done with no props while friends & family cheer and clap!
  2. Do take your time and walk slowly through the crowd of your excited family & friends. This is the moment when your favorite people will be cheering for you!
  3. Midway through the exit, stop for a kiss and hold it for a few seconds (hello engagement session rule). These techniques give me (the photographer) the perfect amount of time to capture that special moment.
  4. Finally, at the end of the exit, pause for a final kiss or wave to the cheering crowd.

Below are a few of my favorite shots from Corbin & Spencer’s wedding exit. You will notice how they stopped midway for a kiss and how they also kissed again at the very end of the exit for more amazing photo opportunities!


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