For Brides: A Real Bride’s Perspective on Having a First Look

There is only so much that I can tell you about having a first look because the truth be told – I have not been a bride so technically, I cannot tell you how great emotionally it will be to have a first look. As a photographer, I can tell you from a photographer’s standpoint as to why having a first look is beneficial. First, you will have potential to have wayyyy more bride & groom photos, and all your formal photos can be taken before the ceremony which allows you to actually enjoy your cocktail hour (which you paid for) or not have one at all (save money). A first look also allows you to immediately begin the reception without having guest wait an hour or so for photos to be taken after the ceremony.

Even though these are all great benefits, one of the BIGGEST misconceptions I get all the time is, “I don’t want my fiancé to see me before the ceremony because I want him to be surprised and emotional when he sees me for the first time!” Ladies, this is far from the truth! To help you better understand some of the important reasons why you should consider having a first look, I had a recent bride to give me her standpoint on having a first look on her wedding day!

Here are some of the questions I asked Tayler about having a first look with her husband Symon!

  1. Why did you decide to do a first look with Symon?
    We had decided that we wanted to read the personal vows we were going to write to each other in private rather than in front of everybody, so we also decided that we could go ahead and get a look at each other since we are usually two big cry- babies. 
  2. Would you recommend more brides do a first look? If so, why?
    I would recommend doing a first look. I know that for me personally, once I put the dress on, my emotions were running wild and the tension was building FAST. Seeing Symon, not only calmed me down, but reminded me what I was there to do that day, which was marry the man of my dreams. 
  3. Some brides think that the ceremony will be less emotional when doing a first look. Did you have less emotions when seeing Symon during the actual ceremony?No, I was still just as emotional, but I was able to get over the initial tension of “the big reveal”. I knew that he knew what I looked like but walking down the aisle to your forever is still an emotional process. 
  4. What did you like most about the first look with Symon? I enjoyed being able to just have a moment with him where we could breath and just focus on each other before we went in front of all our friends and family. 
  5. How did you feel during the first look?
    I was excited and happy and being able to see him and hug him before our ceremony calmed me down greatly. I am so so glad I did it!

As you have read, Tayler and Symon were not any less emotional than they were when they did the First Look. And guess what? As her photographer, I have the proof to actually show you! During the ceremony, they were both still very emotional even though they saw each other beforehand! 

I hope this has helped you understand more about a first look and all of its many benefits. It is truly an emotional and private experience between you and your fiancé, and I definitely hope you consider having a First Look on your wedding day!  

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