For Brides: The Father & Daughter First Look

Father Daughter first looks are the sweetest! If you are planning on having a First Look this is definitely something you should include on your wedding day. Even if you do not have a first look with your groom to be, you should still consider having a first look with your father!


The father & daughter first look is when the father sees the bride for the first time and all the emotions and excitement is documented! Imagine how a father feels seeing his little girl on one of the biggest days of her life. Your father seeing you for the first time on your wedding day will bring out so many wonderful emotions. Having a first look with your father will ensure that this special time is documented and these memories will be cherished for years to come. I have witnessed father & daughter first looks and it really is an emotional time. Tears are shed, hugs are embraced for a longer time, and smiles are gleaming from ear to ear at the sight of seeing one of the first persons who ever loved you! It is definitely worth having a father & daughter first look and I hope more future brides embrace the opportunity to have one on their big day!


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